3rd Coast Custom Helmets


Recruit Year: 2nd
Grade: 3rd
Honor Roll: Yes
Level: 9u
Position(s): Running Back, Linebacker, Safety
Current Team: STX Beast Bois
Favorite NFL Team: Dallas Cowboys
Football Accolades:
CCE 8u Top 100 National Prospect
2x STYFL Super Bowl Champion
3x South Texas Champion
AYFL Super Bowl Champion
SYFL Super Bowl Champion
2017 Season MVP
2017 Leading Rusher/Leading Scorer
2018 Turf Sports MVP
2018 AYFL Season MVP
2018 Leading Rusher/Leading Scorer
2019 CCE Top 100
2019 Texas Youth All Star Showcase Selection
2019 True Talent All American
2020 Texas Youth All Star Selection

Q: What does it mean to you to be a 3CC Army Recruit?
A: “To me it means being part of something larger than yourself. I represent 3CC on and off the field each and every day. It’s not just about what we accomplish on the field, but what we strive for everyday dedication, leadership, and hard work. It is an honor and a privilege to represent this company.”

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