3rd Coast Custom Helmets


Congratulations on being recruited by the 3CC ARMY! Now that you’re a Recruit how can you use it to your advantage and score some pretty sweet swag?

Here’s how it works…

  • Reps will be known as “3CC Brand Reps”
  • Each Brand Rep will have a personal code they can distribute as they see fit
  • Code CAN NOT be used in conjunction with any other discounts
  • Reps will acquire 2 points for every $10 purchase made with their code
  • Once 20 points is achieved the Rep will receive $20 off of their next purchase
  • Customers will receive 25% off their first order using a Soldier’s code
  • $20 coupon will expire 30 days after it’s received.

If I have questions?

We’re here for you! Just email us 24/7 3CCRep@3ccarmy.com or call us at (713) 966-0848 from 10am-5pm CST M-F.

*** The Loyalty Program is only available to 3CC Army Recruits currently ***