• Riddell Air Pump

    Ensure the padding on your Riddell football helmet is properly inflated with the Riddell Deluxe Helmet Pump. This pump comes with everything you need to keep your pads inflated.
    • 5/8-inch needle
    • Bottle of Glycerin
    • Used to inflate the pads inside your helmet
  • Dome Screws – One Pair


    Dome Screws are used to secure the top straps of a helmet in place of a buckle.

    • Low Profile
    • Stainless Steel
    • Won’t gouge or cut opponent’s helmet
    • The price is for one pair (2 dome screws)
  • Riddell Quick Release Tool


    Installing a Facemask or Chinstrap on the Riddell Speedflex, Speed or Revo Speed 360 is a breeze with the Riddell Quick Release Tool. The tool serves both purposes with small pegs on the side that fit into your Quick Release Pins(QR Pins) to instantly and safely pop them off the helmet. The Ratchet side fits around the Thumbscrew on the Riddell SpeedFlex helmets to easily loosen the Thumbscrew and replace your chinstrap.

    • Made Specifically for Riddell helmets
    • Built-In Pegs assures easy QR Pin and facemask removal
    • Ratchet End assures a no-slip grip on the Thumbscrew

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